Barry Story

I just finished watching “Barry” the life depicted of Barrack Obama and had no idea there are about 7 movies out!

Being that it’s rainy season what better way then to get some R&R on netflix with some hot cocoa and marshmallows

The actor portraying Obama did a great job from how he speaks, acts and quirky faces. This movie helps people understand a little more of his background and his mindset.

Both of my parents are hispanic from mexico however my siblings and I are born americans and as I see how confused he was and everytime he introduced himself he mentioned he was from 3 different countries until he reached his breakthrough of knowing he was american.

Steve jobs quotes “You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future”

Obama had a white mother (didn’t know that!) and black father which had recently died when he was in college that he lost contact with and had no relationship with his mother either. Had a white girlfriend from a social elite class and he didn’t seem to quite fit in as his insecurities got the best of him.

He called himself the invisible man due to his color. I’d like to think because of color you would stand out and that makes one unique. If we lived in a world of one color it would be very boring and nobody likes boring.

The strain in the relationship with his white girlfriend is due to him being the only person of color at a Yale club wedding he was invited to.

He had white friends and black friends and yet couldn’t fit in both classes. He got punched in the face at the projects (harlem area) he attended a party and it was not his scene according to the movie and didn’t quite fit in with the elite.

He was a thinker and a reader and to be hanging out at parties at the projects where hoodlums are shooting up drugs and girls are too easy was not his type of environment. He could of fit in the elite class family however his insecurities would not let him yet he was able to carry out conversations intelligently in the dinner table.

Bottom line it’s not about color or class or where you came from… It’s about intelligence, confidence, acceptance and not being so judgemental because they are not of your color or background.

In this movie Obama always brought up slavery in random topics and his white friends noticed and brought it up all the time…

Just be You. Live in the present and be open.

Valet Podiums Experience

Visual Podiums located in San Diego, CA is taking valet podiums to a whole new level.

Recently in CES Las Vegas, the company introduced their new platform available for valet companies. It consists of regular podiums with screens on the sides and front with high definition systems.

It definitely attracts attention from people walking around them. They make money by the advertising that runs on these podiums. To business owners there is 2 plans to offer from either you can sponsor or you can lease one. If you sponsor the business’s ads will run but also other non-competitors one. If the lease package is chosen then the valet equipment  company will be able to run their promotions they want without any restrictions. It’s amazing the increase in sales that you can have with it. When you are sponsoring one get ready to take everything to a new level, you will personally experience how technology really gives a unique touch to anything.

Some advice for your business

As a small business can think that it is impossible to use the words of what is doing. There is no excuse. And you don’t need a DCP. Follow proven timeless tips and techniques to help you be an entrepreneur  and to seek greater awareness of your company.

1 -place your order Aly of ice, frozen pints professional have a huge beer boat market share of craft beer, entertainment and farmers on the one thing to do with product enhancements. I just tried to bring customers ,this unexpected combination, (which is excellent), free of charge, to a store to buy or even pray, consisted in the sector.

(2) participate in activities Desiree scales Bella Web Design is a master Networker. Assisted to almost all the events in the city. Contribute to the community as one of the first that comes to the mind, if someone seeks an expert in the field of its specialization: Web pages for small business and marketing.

3. Create your own event 
Invent your own! Russ has one of the largest event in Atlanta: Atlanta less than 40. The fact that he is Giorgi with other young entrepreneurs in the city now will be deductible from other cities.

4 business operation volunteer The secret behind them best of a team or organization that not only is Bienvenido, but also in the car.  Luis he was President of the Association, allowing you rub shoulders and interact with the best minds in the industry, the fast-growing Atlanta market.

5 start a podcast Visual Podiums sells valet podiums to companies, Todd is the first person I saw that I can create a podcast interview with other employers. People can choose the story and podcast, direct and important connections. It is also a great way and a matter of education.

6. Be in-line Be careful, especially when something heavy, such as QuickBooks moves from an Excel spreadsheet.

The way your engine functions in winter

The change of seasons is always the best, to ensure that the car is in excellent condition.
But it doesn’t matter if the weather is hot or cold. In all cases, it is important to bear in mind that the cars are beautiful components. The time will be exposed and volatile than other tools. When winter is approaching, here are some of the best ways to winterize your car and run. The car is already this season. Early winter with oil and repair engine. The car will work best. In addition, it maintains can problems that could worsen the change of weather conditions. Check the tires. Plants of foot wear, braking, acceleration and dangerous. Winter means bad time, rain, snow and ice on the roads can collect. Rolling the tape used to run, cause accidents, accidents and financial responsibility.  Take it to your local auto body san diego to make sure that the damage, windows and windshield. Extreme cold can lead to great leaps of splinters or cracks exist mentioned the owner of a BMW vehicle. This damage can lead to costly bills of Exchange. If the windows is closed
correctly, the camera has that work more hard, for handle in the stove. You can not only increase the pressure on your computer, you can also more gas. Check the oil level. At low temperatures, which may also cause thickening of the oil. Although not frozen oil thickening can disrupt the flow of oil. This disorder can err on the side of the car and engine. Many essential oils added for thickening anti. Always consult your mechanic for oil to be used, if I change my oil. Keep your vehicle in good condition. Then you have a better chance to avoid car insurance.